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Restaurant Marketing


The Situation:

Cafe Europa, a new restaurant with a unique menu and setting in downtown Bethesda, home to over 200 restaurants, was seeking a strategy to set itself apart from so many other competitive restaurants in a very saturated news marketplace.


The Approach:

Potomac took advantage of some converging circumstances for Cafe Europa, including the opening of a new lounge with jazz entertainment and completely redesigned menu to develop a customized media relations program.


Working with a relatively small budget, over a 3-month period, Potomac highlighted Cafe Europa's special community oriented mission and promoted several charitable programs, on key evenings, to bring extra exposure to the restaurant.


Potomac also engaged some of its own clients to participate in Cafe Europa's community offerings by getting them to attend and sample the restaurant, helping to expand the number of key leaders and organizations becoming familiar with and enamored of the restaurant.


The Outcome:

For one restaurant, relatively unknown at the onset of Potomac's involvement, we were able to generate considerable news coverage, as part of entertainment reviews and community events and, in the process, saw the restaurant's rating in the Washington Post rise from two to three stars.




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