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These are the talents and abilities we offer you.

       Strategic planning
       Public education campaigns
       Theme and message development
       Targeting audiences
       Community outreach
       Grassroots organizing
       Special events coordinating
       Versed in regional to global issues

       Custom-designed survey research

       University research
       Market studies
       Quantitative and qualitative research expertise
       Focus group moderating
       Economic, social, and political trend tracking
       Statistical analysis
       Market impact analysis
       Public planning assessments
       Report writing
       Report production
       Expert witness on survey findings

Media relations
          Media training
          High-level media events
          Customized media lists
          Press releases
          Electronic media
          Video news releases
          Free media placement
          Award-winning PSAs
          Speech and feature writing
          Reference and commemorative book author

Advertising campaigns and concepts
          Copy writing and editing
          Art direction
          Ad design
          Ad placement

    Marketing/Information Materials
          Web design
          Powerpoint presentations
          Script writing
          Video production and post-production
          Video animation
          Exhibit production
          Multi-language print and electronic materials

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