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Whether you need to persuade one key person, or affect one million, contacting Potomac is the right move.  

We understand the special needs and requirements of the news media, and we will work with you to develop special press relations programs.  Our team of writers, artists, designers, and directors keeps media budgets in mind while producing EmmyTelly, and Cable Positive award-winning material.  

The "free media"  aspects of a media campaign can often be just as crucial as expensive media TV buys.  Potomac will maximize your non-paid advertising efforts with tailored press releases and feature stories.  Then we follow up with reporters to make sure stories get placed.  



Through intelligent planning and imaginative multimedia use, we can reach targeted audiences and shape opinions.  We use every communications vehicle to your advantage.  

 Potomac provides a complete range of communications services:
  • Television spots and commercials                      
  • Educational and promotional videos                      
  • Radio PSAs and commercials                      
  • Print ads                      
  • Media events                      
  • Direct mail marketing                      
  • Logos and graphic design                      
  • Website design                      
  • Brochures and promotional materials

We specialize in defining messages and techniques to reach specific audiences in the most persuasive manner.  We pride ourselves on giving clients more than they expected.   And getting desired results.

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  Marketing Communities
  Award-Winning Video
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  Creating a Big News Story

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