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"Itís Just Not Worth the Risk" Ė Multi-Media Cable Theft Campaign

Cable TV Montgomery


Our client, Cable TV Montgomery, discovered a significant theft of service problem. People were using "black boxes" to receive free cable programs, costing the firm as much as $1 million per month.


Potomac developed a comprehensive campaign to raise public awareness about this problem, using every tool available to the client. The effort included three extremely successful news conferences: one to announce the problem, a second two weeks later to announce an "amnesty" and unveil the campaign, and a third at the end to summarize the projectís success.

Potomac wrote and faxed advisories to each news outlet, followed with a phone call to assure their attendance, and prepared a press packet for the news conference itself.

Every Washington-area television and radio news outlet covered these conferences, as did every local daily and weekly newspaper.

Potomac wrote copy for five television commercials used during the campaign. We cast the talent who appeared in the spots, and supervised production. Similarly, we produced newspaper ads with an identical message, and made the buys in each of the local newspapers. Finally, we produced an insert, which was mailed with subscribersí bills, coordinating the printing and working with the mail house to meet the mailing schedule.


The campaign was so successful that it placed first in the National Cable Television Associationís "secure signal" competition that year.

Most important, hundreds of cable viewers voluntarily turned in their black boxes.


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