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Winning the Prestigious Silver Anvil Award
Potomac’s Latest Accomplishment

Much to our pleasure, we return from New York City carrying a treasure.

We are thrilled to bring back the very weighty Silver Anvil award.

This is considered the most prestigious award – “the icon” – for strategic public relations with high impact and demonstrable results.

The Public Relations Society of America (PRSA) offers this major industry recognition. PRSA enlists a panel of leading experts from around the country and world to perform the evaluation of Silver Anvil finalists.

The Silver Anvil is often touted as the “highest watermark of success” for any public relations practitioner, contributing greatly to best practices in the industry.


Some of the largest public relations and advertising companies in the nation were present in New York City on June 9, and it is especially gratifying for Potomac to be held in equal regard with the industry’s leaders.

Of special note, we were finalists in the category of public affairs for associations and non-profits.

Keith and Stacy_2 As you can see from this photo, we were extremely excited when Potomac was announced as the Silver Anvil winner – the top honor in this highly competitive category.

As you may know, we were nominated for our role in creating and shepherding the Save Our Doctors, Save Our Patients coalition in late 2004.

Our combined efforts generated enormous public and media attention around the urgent need for malpractice reform in the State of Maryland.

Importantly, by creating the Save Our Doctors, Protect Our Patients coalition, with highly passionate and articulate doctors as our leaders and one exceptional surgeon, Dr. Karl Riggle, we helped convert this widespread attention into an unprecedented assertion of influence in the state’s legislative process.

You will recall that a special session was convened for the first time in Maryland in more than a decade and legislation was passed to redress the plight faced by doctors (and their patients) … all within a period of less than 100 days. It is what we called “The Maryland Miracle.”

In our 23 years of experience at strategic communications, few issues have ever taken off with such power as this one, with so many unpredictable elements and circumstances.

It was a true public affairs rollercoaster with unbelievable twists and turns, but when it was over the joy of success made it all worthwhile.

When you can feel pride in your work, and know you have made a significant difference in people’s lives, and can achieve recognition on the highest platform, it “doesn’t get much better than this.”

Thank you for letting us share this special story.

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