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Telephone Surveys

Potomac conducts telephone market studies, political opinion polls, advertising recall and brand awareness measurements, customer satisfaction and transactional studies, high-level executive  interviews, and house-to-house telephone canvassing.

We provide more than 400 computer assisted interviewing stations, ensuring that we have the capacity to turn around your large job quickly. Our phone centers are located in the Rocky Mountain West, and we pride ourselves on our caller's pleasant phone manner and clear diction. 

Potomac maintains a supervisor to interviewer ratio of 1:4 at each of our centers. We monitor calls and constantly work with our interviewers to provide the highest level of accuracy, courtesy, and objectivity during the interview. As a standard practice, our supervisors call back 10% of the survey respondents for verification purposes. 

We do not use predictive dialers, raising respondent participation rates and lowering non-participation bias.

At the conclusion of the project, we will provide a written report summarizing the survey findings. We are available to present the research conclusions to your board of directors, key staff, funders, or the media, based on your needs.


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