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Coalition Building
Winning Neighbors’ Support for Expansion


Major Hospital in Washington Region



A large medical provider in the Washington, D.C. area asked Potomac Incorporated to assess local residents’ concerns about the proposed expansion of a  parking facility on campus and to recommend an outreach strategy for the immediate neighborhood.


Potomac fielded a telephone survey to uncover neighbors’ concerns, and then followed up with a personalized mailing explaining the project and inviting comments.  As a third step, we enlisted hospital employees in a door-to-door canvass to talk with neighbors face-to-face.  

A Major Hospital Ad 


Potomac developed themes and talking points for the hospital to use in discussing the community advantages of the expansion.  We also advised on the best strategies for dealing with the news media.


 Nun and BabyThe hospital was able to modify its project to answer neighbors concerns and to communicate more effectively through the design and construction project.   

The parking facility is now complete.  In a follow-up telephone survey, we found the neighbors “nearly unanimous” in calling the parking and traffic situation “improved” and the parking structure a “success” – a major victory for our client.  The hospital is now submitting plans for a major $60 million expansion. 

In subsequent work, Potomac developed the hospital’s first multi-media advertising campaign based on our extensive research and image testing through focus groups.  This included the design of a family of logos for the hospital and its entire health system.  Our strategic plan pinpointed important constituencies for the hospital to penetrate at a critical time when health care is in a period of transition.  Themes and messages appeared in simultaneous newspaper, television, radio and Metrorail station diorama advertising. 


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