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Corporate Image Campaign
Building a Positive Image Through Community Deeds

Major Worldwide Hospitality Corporation 


A Fortune 500 company, for which Potomac has performed prior public affairs work, asks this firm to research its standing in a large, southwestern Metroplex among political, community, and business leaders as well as in the media. The strategic study is to be a pilot project, which can be replicated in other major markets throughout North America. 

This company is a leader in the hospitality industry, both nationally and worldwide.Yet, despite its size and presence, the perception of the company doesnít jive with its strong economic impact. 

The results of the comprehensive study help to:

  • yield information about the regionís inner workings    
  • reveal what other successful companies are doing to acquire a positive image in Dallas/Fort Worth    
  • assess this corporationís image and its philanthropic involvement in this community    
  • provide avenues for this corporation to grow and enhance its bottom line


Potomac researched the marketplace, collecting information on demographics, leading corporations and business groups, community organizations, and influential media outlets. 

We dispatched a team of interviewers to meet with opinion leaders in Dallas/ Fort Worth; and also continued and completed a total of 105 one-on-one interviews from our Bethesda office. 

We designed and carried out a quantitative telephone survey of 400 randomly selected adults to get their views about this corporation and issues that are important to the residents of this region.


Potomac completed this comprehensive study in a timely manner and to the satisfaction of the client. The report included a "summary of conclusions" about the corporationís standing in the community and directions it might take.

It is expected that additional studies will also be carried out in other U.S. markets. 

Downtown Dallas 


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