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What Potomac Can Do for You

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Potomac Incorporated Began with a simple idea that is as valid today as it was when the company opened its doors in 1982: Knowledge is power.

We live in a time of astounding change - GLOBALLY, NATIONALLY, and LOCALLY - and the pace of that change continues to accelerate. Staying ahead of the curve to anticipate, understand, and interpret the complexities of the marketplace and the public mood presents both ongoing challenges and momentous opportunities.

It also means maneuvering through an expanding maze of information, opinions, and ideas to research an issue, craft a message, and influence and empower an audience.


Potomac Incorporated offers a comprehensive range of services including:

blue star Strategic Communications
blue star  Media Relations
blue star Public Opinion and Market Research
blue star  Creative Production and Advertising
blue star University Research
blue star  Campaign Development



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